Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Second Trip
Place – Rani Bagh route
Date – 02.08.2009 (Sunday) Distance – about 12Kms from Haldwani

For all those who haven’t been with us – it was the grand party in a very unusual sense. Synonyms for grand are magnificent, splendid, or say luxurious. But for us it was a way different. It was 2nd of August, Sunday morning. I and my friends thought to celebrate the belated birthday of Pratibha on the day and to make it special. We did not plan anything. Early morning we decided to watch the latest movie show – love aajkal so we landed on the movie theatre the right time. After the movie show the task was difficult as nothing was planned and on top of it, it was so hot that all of us were perspiring from head to toe, so we decided to go to Mart which is a relaxing point for all of us. But something stroked all of us and there we took a U turn, not actually, in our decision and went to Rani Bagh, which is 12 Km away from Haldwani. When we reached there we took a deep breadth and changed our expressions from irritable to sweet and charming. We were starving like anything, we sat on the near by wooden shop which are often seen on hilly areas. If I were to describe the feeling then feeling of comfort and cozy go well along with that shop. We ordered chowmein, tea, omelet and bread butter. It was awesome to have it all while sitting on the edge of the shop corner and to view the nature’s painting. We also had paani ke batashe at Nanak’s. We enjoyed every moment that came to us. And yes this is how it became a grand party without the elements of luxury and sumptuousness. Afterwards we thought of some drama and as usual it was time to capture the moments and here it goes.
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