Monday, August 3, 2009

Trip to Bhawali

First Trip
It is never easy writing memoirs spent with friends. But then this doesn’t stop me from trying. To start with, I would say that one of the most happiest moments I’ve ever had an encounter with; whenever we decide to travel, all of us surely got our heads right on our shoulders. But then there are reasons for some peculiar attitude also. Before describing the beautiful days I would describe the company I was with.
About Friends:

All my friends are intelligent, smart, well-informed, and successful and I shouldn’t forget mentioning good looks which they accentuate perfectly with their sense of dressing. I really admire them for their love for their families although it makes me wonder about their abstinence from being emotional fools! I don’t mean they are one though.
Zealous supporters of Fun, Masti and adventure and are always ready to indulge into some fun, that too often. We all are adventurous, love exploring new places and make business out of nearly everything that comes our way. Thanks for being friends. Hope we unfold more such moments of friendship together.

From right to left: Babita, Pratibha, Vinti and me)
About Trip:
Place – Bhawali
Date – 07.06.2009 (Sunday) Distance – about 50-60 km from Haldwani
With the continuous days of boredom, laborious and hectic we planned to relax and recharge ourselves again. And for this we decided to visit Bhawali. The conveyances are easily available from Haldwani. We boarded on a bus (Kumaun Bus Station) to reach to Bhawali. The bus was though very congested but being with each other journey was filled with joyous moments and with loads and loads of smiles on our faces which I think the best ornament to wear. During the journey we could feel the clouds so near and so close to our faces. It seemed as if we are flying and could feel the breeze. It was awesome to see the best from our eyes and feel the purity which is seldom in our lives. Bhawali is a pretty place. It is cool, calm and yes full of peace and then we landed on Bhawali bus station and there it was decided to visit Nantin Maharaj’s Mandir. We decided to go on foot and to our surprise yes we did it. We reached the mandir after 1 hr journey on foot. But where was the pain? We were still so fresh. Was it a miracle or was it our will power that actually did not make us realize and which helped us to reach there passing by the hilly roads full of beautiful flowers and cold breeze. There was no noise in the Nantin Maharaj’s Mandir, we saw the pratima (statue) of Maharaj and did few prayers. We then had aloo gutuk(aloo ki sabzi) with tea in a shop that was behind the temple. We then started for Ghora Khal Mandir also known as Golu dev ji ka mandir. We were again on our “On Foot Journey” and reached the temple which is so peaceful and so delightful. We felt the positive vibes in there and loved the moment.
The time was tickling and passing on, it was time to return back but would say the last but not the least about the place – it was so serene so calm wish I could spent the whole life there.. .. .. .. .. ..
Camera work – 4 snaps shown

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